This page shows a couple of the recent projects that I can share online (as they are non-confidential). The content varies; some are more about research and analysis, while others focus more on design. But all asked for a mixture of complementary skills; exactly what I love doing.


Infographic presentation

I developed this infographic model for BiketoWork. This company offers people the support to bike to work more frequently. Their programme helps people to develop different and long-lasting biking habits.

They needed a clear overview to explain their offer and set-up to employers, so this target understands how it works, what to expect and why their company should join the programme.

spread brains.png

Infographic spread

This spread is based on an interview with Mark van Vugt (evolutionary psychologist). He wrote a book called ‘Mismatch’, which explains why our contemporary lives do not match that well with our pre-historic brains.  

The spread provides a top-line and graphic explanation of this (very interesting) mismatch.

Model cycling West.png

Research: analysis and presentation 

CycleSpace (CS) is an innovation agency that initiates and develops ideas that will accelerate the shift from car-centric to human centric cities worldwide. 

This research was conducted on behalf of CS. They wished to get a better understanding of the habits and attitudes towards cycling amongst the inhabitants of Amsterdam Bos & Lommer, to find the right hooks for project development in this area. 

My responsibility within this project: analysis, reporting and design. 


Quotes from kids

This is a project about the great stuff kids say and ask. The objective is to look through the eyes of a child, to take a minute to wonder about the world along with them.

The design is calm, sweet and basic. It emphasises the beauty of their questions and ideas. The quotes are ‘little’, yet do touch bigger themes such as nature, self-image or death.   

daedal shop.png

Concept and corporate identity: Daedel

The planet needs a break from all the garbage by turning old into new: this will be the new kind of new. 

Daedal is a concept for a new furniture manufacturar & retailer that provides a twist and new purpose to depreciated furniture and items. The result is not 2nd hand, in stead it is something new and unique: ‘the new new’. Daedal’s corporate identity looks fresh, confident, pure, inviting and future-proof. The logo also functions as a ‘mark’ for co-operations and projects that will arise in the future and fit the philosophy of Daedal.

giraffe extinction .png

Logo design: make noise

The number of giraffes has decreased by 40% over the last 15 years. Somehow other animals receive more atention, but the giraffe actually faces the same danger as elephants. Humans pose the biggest threat, as the giraffe’s habitat is shrinking and poachers still hunt for giraffes. 

This animal graphic shows the unique beauty, grace and peaceful character of the giraffe. At the same it communicates the danger of silent extinction, which means this animal could vanish from earth...


Icon range design

This is a series of icons about the Netherlands.

A recent visit to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam inspired the pattern design for this icon range. One of van Gogh's (1853-1890) famous techniques is to use rythmic brush strokes throughout a painting. The pattern used for these icons is a combination of that technique (with a wink) and my personal association with the Dutch weather...

JUP logo.png

Logo design: JUP bags

JUP wants to reduce the single-use of plastic. Their range consists of (foldable) bags, which are easy to take along in a pocket of your handbag and made with organic long-lasting materials.     

The JUP logo has a no-nonsense optimistic and organic look and the unified mark shows the actual purpose of a bag.


The Graphic Design School

I develop video tutorials and design exercises for The Graphic Design School (TGDS) in Australia.

My client offers a weekly design exercise, which contains a tutorial along with a brief to produce a mini design project. These exercises are TGDS’s contribution to the continuum of the design education of their design graduates and students.